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People Finder


Buuky offers the possibility to search for people, which makes it easy to find out where one's team members or contact persons have booked their seats.

For this purpose, a search box is located in the header.

People finder searchbox

As soon as you start typing, a dropdown opens and shows all bookings of people matching your search keyword. If a booking is not made for a full day but only for a specific time period, this time period is shown as well. The results are grouped per person.

People finder results

By default, bookings within the next 7 days, including today, are shown. This can be adjusted by clicking the filter icon and selecting the date range of interest.

People finder date filter

Clicking a result leads to the booking view, in which the result is highlighted both in the list of bookings and on the floor map.

People finder results

This page is also available in: Deutsch