Buuky Help
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Installation & Administration


Installation Instructions

Steps to add Buuky to your Confluence Cloud instance:

  1. Go to Apps → Manage Apps


  1. Click “Find new Apps” and search for Buuky in the Marketplace


  1. Done! All Confluence users are now able to book workspaces

Configure Buuky Admins

Buuky admins are users who are allowed to configure workspaces and to access insights about workspace bookings. To grant or remove admin rights to people, follow the following steps:

  1. Go to Apps → Manage apps
  1. Expand the Buuky App section and click on "Configure"


  1. Start typing user names to find users and grant them Buuky admin permissions


  1. Click "Add" for all users allowed to administrate workspaces


This page is also available in: Deutsch