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User Management


Buuky comes with three build-in types of user management:

  • Email & Password
  • Microsoft365 Integration
  • Confluence (Confluence App)

Depending on the type of user management used, different options are available within the Buuky configuration.

Email & Password
This option allows administrators to manage users within the Buuky configuration. Users can be invited with their email address.

If the Buuky Office365 integration is used, the users are managed there. In Buuky, user management is still provided to grant or revoke different roles for registered users.

Buuky Confluence App
The Buuky Confluence App is fully integrated with the Confluence user management. Every user who is able to log in to Confluence can open and use the Buuky app. The configuration of admin users is done with the Confluence App configuration. Accordingly, user management is not available in the Buuky configuration area.

User Management in the Configuration

The Buuky user management is located in the left sidebar of the configuration area, as shown in this screenshot. In the Confluence app, this section does not exist as described above. With Microsoft365 and no Email/Password, only the active members part will be available.

Buuky config menu

User Management - Active Members

The active members view shows all users that have logged in to Buuky. For example, in the case of a Microsoft365 integration, it shows only those users who have logged in to Buuky and not all users registered in Microsoft365.

Buuky config menu

The list can be sorted by clicking the table headers. The search field allows filtering the list by name or email.
The table footer allows for paginating through the list and choosing how many members to present per page.

Available Actions

Furthermore, the active member list allows

  • Deleting Members
    This will delete their bookings as well.
    It is not possible to delete yourself to ensure minimum system accessibility.
    If a user is deleted, the bookings are retained so that utilisation statistics are not affected.
    Note: In the case of Microsoft365, they can log in again.
  • Grant/Remove Admin Role
    Toggle the admin checkbox for a person to grant or revoke their admin rights.
    Admin rights will allow a person to access the configuration area.
    Only admins can assign other admins.
  • Grant/Remove Owner Role
    Toggle the owner checkbox for a person to grant or revoke their owner rights.
    The owner role automatically implies admin rights and allows a person to access the account management area.
    Only owners can assign other owners.

User Management - User Invites

With the Email/Password user management option, Buuky provides a user invitation section.
Users can be invited with a name, email adress, and the option to grant admin permissions. Submitting an invite sends an email to the user with a welcome text and link to accept the invite. The email is send in your current browser language. By clicking the link, the user will enter a page to define a password with at least 6 characters. By submitting the password, an active member will be created in your Buuky organization. The user will be forwarded to the login screen and can use Buuky immediately.

Note: An invitation is valid for 7 days. After this period, the invite token will expire for security reasons, and you will have to delete the old invite and send a new one.

Buuky config menu

The invitation view provides you with a list of all open invitations. As soon as an invite is accepted and the user becomes an active member, the invite will be removed from the list.

You can delete (reject) and invite by clicking the bin icon.

This page is also available in: Deutsch